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Art of Yiquan — International Yiquan Association is representant and teaching center of the Chinese Yiquan Academy – Master Yao Cheng Rong. We give you the opportunity to practice authentic Yiquan of the family Yao ( Wang Xiang Zhai, Yao Zong Xun, Yao Cheng Rong, Yao Yue). The IYA, headed by Christian Bauer, Yao Yue, and Master Yao Cheng Rong has develop a concept that teaches the complete Yiquan system  of the Yao family.
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International Yiquan Association
Christian Bauer

Since 1987, Christian Bauer is training martial arts and further asian teachings such as Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Chinese Medicine. In 2000 he left to china in order to study those arts at their origin. In 2008 he graduated as M.D., from the “University of Chinese Medicine – Beijing”, and became Di Zi – Master-Student of Yao Cheng Rong.

(M.D. = Medical Degree)

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Yao Yue ( 姚悦 )

Son of Master Yao Cheng Rong, born on April 22nd, 1981, in Beijing.
After more than 10 years of intensive training under the guidance of his father, Yao Yue earned his place in Yiquan. Or, as one Chinese proverb says: “The art of Yiquan has reached his marrow.” Yao Yue is direct lineholder and Yiquan represetant in the 4th generation.

Master Yao Cheng Rong ( 姚承荣 )

Master Yao, born in Beijing, November 4th, 1953. With the age of 8 started to practice Yiquan under the guidance of his father and Grandmaster Yao Zong Xun. During his young years, Master Yao has developed a known name in Yiquan as also chinese Wu Shu, through the numerous and successful participation in combat tournaments. In 1993 he founded the China Yiquan Academy. In his long career as Yiquan master, he has made significant contribution to the development of Yiquan.

IYA - National Representants

Christian Bauer, Di Zi

International Yiquan Association

Walter Marek, Di Zi

Yiquan Institute Austria

Daniel Hulliger, Di Zi



Patrick Jeannotat

Ning Mui Basel
Yiquan Lineage
Master Wang Xiang Zhai ( 王芗斋 )

Master Wang Xiangzhai (26, November 1885 – 12 Jul, 1963), founder of Yiquan, was at his time a famous master of martial arts, Qigong and Chinese Medicine. In his early years he trained Xing Yi Quan with the legendary Master Guo Yun Shen, which in turn accepted Wang as his master student. At the age of 33 Wang began to travel through China to train with other recognized master of all kinds of martial arts and to measure his skills. Such as Heng Lin, Xing Yi Quan – Xie Tiefu, White Crane (south), Fang Yizhuang, Shaofeng Jin, Wu Yi Hui, … It was at that time when his martial arts skills became legendary. After seven years of travelling he settled in Beijing and started to teach and develop of Yiquan.

Master Yao Zong Xun ( 姚宗勋 )

Master Yao Zong Xun (1917 – 1985) was a direct student of Wang Xiang Zhai. In 1937, he became Di Zi, and finally the selected master pupil of Wang. In his young years, Yao Zong Xun, had a permanent place next to Wang Xiang Zhai. The two shared the lessons. While Wang was mainly focused on the health aspects of Yiquan, Yao Zong Xun, on behalf of Wang, taught the “Combative” part of Yiquan. In his classes, Yao Zong Xun has contributed significantly to the development of Yiquan, such as San Shou (a kind of boxing sparing), sandbag training, freedom of movement in Tui Shou, and more. His biggest focus was on the clear structure, methodology and training of Zhan Zhuang.