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Art of Yiquan has now its own domain.

Master Yao Yue — Advanced YiquanNov 2013

Nov 9/10

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Impressions Yao Yue Paris 2012Video

Essence of CombatArticle

The Essence of Combat — An Interview with Grandmaster Wang Xiang Zhai.
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Interview Art MartialisArticle

An Interview with Christian Bauer, about Yiquan written by Daniel Hullliger.
Language: German.
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Representant & Teaching center of CYA

Art of Yiquan — International Yiquan Association is representant and teaching center of the Chinese Yiquan Academy – Master Yao Cheng Rong. We give you the opportunity to practice authentic Yiquan of the family Yao ( Wang Xiang Zhai, Yao Zong Xun, Yao Cheng Rong, Yao Yue). The IYA, headed by Christian Bauer, Yao Yue, and Master Yao Cheng Rong has develop a concept that teaches the complete Yiquan system  of the Yao family.
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Yiquan is a pretty young Chinese martial arts and founded by Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai (1885-1962) founded. The roots lie in Xing Yi Quan. Yiquan is therefore also considered to be internal martial art. The peculiarity of Yiquan is in the formless form. Yiquan waived morphology, and emphasizes the usage and appliance of Power (Hun Yuan Li, or whole body strength). This Hun Yuan Li is developed in the standing exercise (Zhan Zhuang) and then applied in the free movement. The basic movements of Yiquan are soft and slow. So Yiquan suits very well for the purpose of Yang Sheng (health maintenance), and also can be practiced by older people. For the study of martial arts, these basic moves will be extended with more force, explosiveness, and other methods of practice, eg Tui Shou (Pushing Hands), Tu Shou, San Shou Fa Li,….